The Kansas City Theater District

Kansas City, the sixth largest city in the Midwest and the largest city in the State of Missouri, US, is known as theatre district due to wide range of art and cultural activities available in it. Brief information about the activities that make Kansas City theater district is provided here under for your consideration.

Interdisciplinary Arts Centers in Kansas City

  • Bonner Springs Arts Alliance: It provides the opportunities and literary education of creative art and performing art for all ages.
  • Alcott Arts Centre: It provides workshops and classes along with presents plays and exhibitions as a regional associate for the local community.
  • Lawrence Arts Centre: It offers performances, modern exhibitions and arts education for the region and the community.
  • Kansas City Crossroads: The galleries, storefronts and restaurants along with professional architectural firms, advertising agencies and design studios present here collectively make Kansas City one of the most concentrated gallery districts of the nation.

Performing Arts Activities


  • Union Station: The permanent KC Rail Experience at this venue will provide you a unique experience with rail travelling exhibits produced by the Smithsonian along with other organizations of national level. Other activities in this venue include Science City containing a planetarium and an interactive science centre and an exciting Theatre District showing live theatre and movies on giant screen.
  • Kansas City Ballet: Various types of plays, ballets and operas are regularly performed throughout the year along with community dance training and education programs for student and adults are provided at this venue.
  • Coterie Theatre: Six complete productions including three for younger viewers and families and three for adults and old students are provided here during the mainstage season.

    The Uptown Theater in Kansas city specializes in concerts and private events.

    The Uptown Theater in Kansas city specializes in concerts and private events.

  • Kansas City Chamber Orchestra: They perform in the churches in this area along with Folly Theatre and Yardley Hall for local communities. Their program is also broadcasted on the Performance Day of the National Public Radio.
  • Kansas City Jazz Orchestra: The vocalists and instrumentalists of this orchestra present a series of concerts for the guests to show many faces of their musical art.
  • Kansas City Repertory Theatre: A number of education programs are provided for the professional theatre artists residing at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. They also offer jobs and volunteering opportunities, conversation series and backstage tours for the students.
  • Unicorn Theatre: It helps in developing and producing new proactive and professional plays. It also helps in upgrading the budding and established performers including directors, actors, designer, writers, administrative staffs and technicians.
  • Uptown Theater: Specializing in concerts and private/corporate events, this beautiful theater is a joy to attend.  See picture to the right at its magnificent interior.


Visual Art Activities

  • Kansas City Artists Coalition: It is an artist run space which helps contemporary artists in presenting various types of exhibitions.
  • The Charlotte Street Foundation: It provides recognition and support to the best artist in performing and visual arts in Kansas City.


  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: It is one of the best museums in this country as it helps visitors to explore its civilization through the eyes of sculptors, craftsmen and painters along with several other artists.
  • The Kansas City Museum: This museum situated at Corinthian Hall allows you to know about complete history of Kansas City along with nearby regions.

Thus all these and several other cultural and art activities collectively make it Kansas City theater district.

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