What to Consider When Looking for a Trustworthy Plumber for a Theater

What to Consider When Looking for a Trustworthy Plumber for a Theater
While we have at one point or another been plumbers in our homes, most of us lack the basic know-how of how to do proper plumbing. Besides, we might end up causing more damage than good. Additionally, it can be hard differentiating between an experienced and inexperienced plumber. However, below are a few factors to consider when looking for a trustworthy plumber for your home’s plumbing needs.

• License

Any trustworthy plumber should be licensed as that is a symbol that they are registered with the relevant bodies, and they run a genuine business. Licensed plumbers help give you peace of mind knowing that you can rest easy as they take care of your plumbing needs.

• Insurance

When it comes to any handy work around your home, you need to ensure that your service providers are insured. That goes for plumbers as well. Fixing plumbing issues in your home can sometimes lead to more damage being caused especially if the problem has been there for long. That said, any trustworthy plumber will have an insurance for his team in the event an accident occurs in your home.

• Referrals

In most cases, the best way to get a trustworthy plumber is to get one recommended to you by family and friends. This is especially important if you are new to a place and have no idea where to start. Referrals are usually the easiest and best way to get a reliable plumber for all your home plumbing needs.

Filmmaker’s Guide to a Good Laptop

Are you looking for a good laptop, but you can seem to get a good option for your budget? You can get a good laptop to edit videos at any budget. Even better, it is easy to upgrade a laptop once you have the necessary resources.

The only difference between various laptops will be processing speed and power, but even a low priced laptop will edit videos perfectly for you. The trick is to get the best quality affordable for smooth, uninterrupted running.

Low Priced Video Editing Laptops

If you are on a budget, get a computer that meets the basic system requirements of most video editing software such as Adobe After Effects. Here, a computer with at least 4GB RAM, Intel Core i3 processor, and 500GB hard drive will work just okay. This laptop will accommodate the heaviest and most tasking editing software and run with less freezes.

However, the system might be slow to load effects and process some aspects of the editing software, but it will work with patience. This is a good option if you are a video editing student or you are a starting professional who wants to build their career. The advantage is that, the laptop will fit into almost any budget.

Medium Priced Computer

You can edit the best quality 1080i videos with a medium priced laptop for a long time and not feel the need to upgrade. Most of these laptops are offered with 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5, and at least 500GB hard drive. The computer also sports a great quality graphics card and high resolution allowing precise video editing.

While students and starters may want a cheaper laptop, the price difference between this and the low priced laptop is not much. It allows you to load different aspects of the editing software with great speed, making editing easy for you. You can always upgrade this laptop instead of buying another one.

Ensure that you get a good display size to edit to the smallest details of your video. The build quality should be good to last long and offer you value for money.

High Priced Laptop

This is the best quality laptop with the latest generation of every feature. The laptop sports the latest generation of Intel Core i7 or Xeon with the best Nvidia graphics card. The laptop has 16GB RAM with some having 32 GB RAM and boasts of at least 1TB hard drive and about 256 SSD for faster data processing.

While this laptop might cost more than $2000, it offers you the highest video editing speed with zero system freezes. It is an ideal choice for filmmakers who are already established and can afford it.

Buy a Computer Today

Need a good computer for editing videos? You should make price and feature comparisons online to get the best for you. Look at what the users are saying and whether there are shortcomings for any computer online.

Take your time before settling for a computer to ensure that it will handle the editing software you use. Shopping should not be challenging once you have identified your budget.

Choosing the Right Theater Hall Plumber

Theater halls, just like any other place frequented by the public need the best plumbing system. The halls need to have strong plumbing systems which are often inspected for faults and breakages. If you are the theater hall manager, getting the right plumber for the job is the first step towards ensuring you have the best plumbing system.

With so many plumbers, you might not know who to choose for your plumbing repairs and maintenance needs. You can consider getting recommendations from family or friends, but you still need to vet them thoroughly in case you have a few to choose from.

Licensure and Insurance

Most states only license a plumber if they have gone through college training lasting at least two years and on an apprenticeship for at least four years. This means that a licensed plumber has spent four years on the job and therefore has the right skills to choose a good plumbing system for a theater hall. The license is proof that the plumber will offer top-notch services to ensure you do not run into plumbing issues with a theater full of people.

Insurance protects the plumber, but more so it protects you in case any problem occurs during the plumbing repair. While you may not expect any problems with a qualified plumber, insurance helps make you feel safe. A licensed and insured plumber should possess diverse skills seeing that the theater needs heating, water, gas and so many other things.

Check Credentials and Experience

Even though they have been licensed, you still need to check the credentials of the plumber. In most cases, when you are hiring a plumbing contractor for a theater hall, you will hire them for a long time. As such, trust needs to be developed from the start.
You can ask them to present their credentials for you to check and ensure they have the right qualifications for the job. You could also ask how long they have been in business and check their mode of operation. A plumber with more than five years of experience knows how to handle your plumbing system amicably.

If the plumber is hesitant to provide credentials, consider looking for another one.

Customer Service and Charges Estimate

A good plumber for a theater hall must exhibit good customer service. You need someone you can rely on when there is an emergency, not one who does not answer calls or gives false information to clients. You can tell they have good customer service if they communicate promptly and they are honest in what they say.

Charges are important when you are hiring a plumber. Ask for an estimate for simple repairs and know how they bill. Ask whether they bill per hour or they have a flat fee for various services.

Get a Plumber Today

You will get a good plumber if you take your time to look at various options available for you. Once you have chosen a good plumber, you can use their services in future, especially for routine maintenance. This ensures you get the same quality services every time.

What Happens When You Hire a Hummer to the Local Theater?

Unless you reside or work near the local theater, you will mostly have to get there by car to watch your favorite shows. Anybody who lives far can travel to the theater and have an amazing traveling experience. Here’s what to expect from the Hummer hire business in Kent.

1. First, you will receive transparency from the chauffeur and other staff working at the hire company. Transparency in pricing, capacity, and features of the Hummer is assured. The hire firm also guarantees you a high level of professionalism.

2. When you step inside the Hummer, the distance between the pick-up point and the theater won’t matter because you’ll be comfortable and safe. The chauffeur does not talk on the phone while driving and is very respectful and friendly. The warmth they display towards clients makes the journey to the theater pleasant. They make for good company too. Further, expect the entire rental firm staff to be professional and friendly for the entire duration you hire their car.

3. The Hummer Hire Kent firm is renowned for excellent coordination too. They communicate proactively with all their clients. You will never have to worry about issues such as poor or unavailable staffing.

4. Excellent amenities and features installed inside the Hummer make the car worth hiring for the trip to the theater. They are designed for comfort and fitted with features like:
‘ TVs and stereo
‘ Video systems
‘ Air conditioners
‘ Climate control systems
‘ Tinted windows
‘ Plush leather and upholstery

Therefore, book your ride today and enjoy a unique experience traveling to the theater.

Where to go to Catch good Concerts on the Road and Abroad

Music and travel. What can be better? Definitely nothing. So many people like to do that. Mostly it depends from you, what do you want to see or listen, what budget do you have or haven’t.

Musical festivals and concerts are held everywhere. And there are those who are simply huge in scope. Some attract dozens or even hundreds of thousands of visitors. These musical festivals usually start as small events, but organizers of such festivals can become millionaires in a couple of days.

I do a list with different concerts all over the world. Well. We begin our trip. Let’s go!

1. Glastonbury festival

glastonbury festivalDate; June 21-25

Location: Somerset, UK

Cost: 238 pounds+5 pounds per booking fee.

Currently, all tickets are bought out, but the organizers will arrange a resale of returned tickets. That is why, everyone has a chance to receive it.This is one of the most important rock festivals in the world, such as a British Woodstock. It dates back to 1970, near Glastonbury. The founder of the festival is the farmer Michael Ives. This year’s headliners are: Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, Kris Kristofferson. Also, within the festival, there will be performances of folk dances and circus groups. It will not be boring.

2. Rock for people

Date: 4-6 July

Location: city of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Cost: 72 Euros per 3 days

One of the most popular festival in the Czech Republic. It was first held in 1995. It combines different types of music: rock, indie, punk, hardcore, pop, hip-hop. Also there are a lot of discussions, seminars, games on the festival. This year’s participants are: Kapely, Die Antwoord, Evanescence, Foster the People, Cage the Elephant.

3. Festival Internacional de Benicassim

Date: July 13-16

Location: Benicassim City, Castellon Province, Spain

Cost:90-149 Euros

It was first held in 1995. It includes electronic, rock and indie music. This year’s participants are: the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Kasabian, Foals, Los Planetas, Ride, Bonobo will be lit at the festival stage. You can also watch short films and fashion shows here. Last year 150 thousand people visited the festival. In 2017, organizers are hoping for an even higher number.

4. Nas and Lauren Hill on Tour

Lauren Hill and Nas Performing soon as the Shoreline AmphitheaterDate:

Location: Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA.

Cost: Varies.

Participants: Lauren Hill and Nas.

If you are staying in the states you can finally get to see Lauren Hill back on the road again.  She has been famously dormant over mean years since the release of her iconic first album.  Nas, as well, has been somewhat dormant in the past decade-plus, but has gotten himself back on the scene, both touring and producing the popular Netflix hip-hop origin story “The Get Down”.  You can see all upcoming concerts at the Shoreline, a venue in Mountain View, CA.


5. NOS Alive 2017

Date: July 6-8.

Location: Passeio Marítimo de Algés, Lisbon, Portugal.

Cost: EUR 67 (1 day), EUR 165 (3 days + camping).

Ordinary 3-day tickets are already sold. Participants: Kodaline, the Kills, The Weeknd, Imagine Dragons, Depeche Mode and others. The Portuguese NOS Alivedebuted 10 years ago, and still called “Optimus Alive!” The organizers “showed their teeth” already on the first holiday – the headliners were Beastie Boys and others. Since then, the audience of NOS Alive grew, the participants were multi-genre and exceptionally.

6. Rock Werchter 2017

Rock WerchterDate: June 29 – July 2.

Location: Verhter, Belgium.

Participants: Lorde, System of a Down, Kings of Leon, Blink-182, Linkin Park, Mark Lanegan Band and others.

Cost: EUR 236 (4 days without camping), EUR 100 (1 day).

Rock Werchter – one of the main musical holidays not only in Belgium, but throughout Europe.To get this status, the festival took over 30 years of hard work, change and improvement.Today, the organizers watch not only for the impeccable first-class line-up, but also for the safety and comfort of the visitors. This is confirmed by fans from different countries and prestigious awards at the European Festival Award.

To my mind, this concerts and festivals are what you try to find. I hope that my trip helps you!

The Amazing Outdoor Theater Experiences Available to you This Summer!

Outdoor Theater cleared by Denver Tree Service

If you’re a theater lover, there’s nothing better than watching an outdoor performance of your favorite play, or a new production, with your friends and family, under the summer sky. Every summer, there are some amazing outdoor theater experiences all around the country that allow you to not only to take in some of the extraordinary narratives, actors, and productions that classic and modern theater offer, but also to breathe in the warm natural air and sit under the stars. Below, we’ll take a look at just a few of the incredible seasonal opportunities and outdoor theater dates across the country to brighten up your summer nights.

St. Louis

If you’re a scholar of the great historical thespians, there are a great many celebrations to celebrate ‘A Mid-summer’s Night’s Dream.’ One of the most popular is an annual festival in St. Louis, Missouri. Two separate events will be taking place this summer as part of the 2017 Shakespeare festival. The Winter’s Tale production will take place from June 2nd through the 25th in Forest Park, near the entrance of the St. Louis Art Museum. The second portion of The Shakespeare Festival line up, a production entitled Shakespeare in the Streets: One City, will occur September 15th through the 17th in downtown St. Louis. If the poetic verse of Shakespeare’s plays speaks to your soul, what better way is there to spend your summer nights than to experience Shakespeare in the Forest?


The legendary Red Rocks is an amazing theater experience that is fit for everything from classical musicals, shakespearan tragedy, or classic rock and roll (U2 has a legendary performance there.  Keep in beautiful shape the local denver area tree services (http://www.treeremovaldenver.net) it brings out the perfect beauty of nature and surrounds it with the astounding art of man.  A great experience.


The Miller Outdoor Theater in Houston is also offering a chance to celebrate the works of Shakespeare, with two nights of The Huston Shakespeare Festival presenting Twelfth Night, on July 28th, and Richard III, on July 29th.

However, If modern theater, or the other classics, are more your taste, there are dozens of chances to experience outdoor theater around the country this summer. The Miller Outdoor Theater of Huston will be hosting a production of Madame Butterfly Friday May 12th through the 14th, as well as Once on this Island, June 7th through the 9th. The historic Muny theater, also located in St. Louis, is celebrating its 99th season this summer with some amazing opportunities to catch some classics and modern classics alike. Jesus Christ Superstar will be in production from June 12th through the 18th, while A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum will run from July 5th through the 11th.

The Carolinas

If you happen to find yourself in North Carolina on your summer travels, Unto These Hills, a production portraying the rich heritage of the Cherokee tribe in NC, enters its 67th season on June 3rd, at the Mountain Side Theater, in Cherokee, North Carolina. The play is produced every year by members of the indigenous Cherokee tribe, and portrays in depth the trials and struggles of the Cherokee nation and showcases the history of the tribe and area.

The summer season is quickly approaching, and the outdoors are calling. Buy your tickets, gather your friends and family, and plan your trips to these fantastic theatrical productions today and spend your summer evenings relaxing under the starry skies and watching some of the greatest thespian experiences available! The road is calling and theaters across the nation are waiting!

Reviving Classic Date Nights – Dinner and a Theater Show

Date nights have always been a special celebration of love between two people. The couple takes time out of their busy lives to come together and spend time enjoying a romantic setting. The classic date night involves sharing a wonderful meal and watching a theater show afterwards. However, most couples these days often forget the importance of planning date nights.

Since everyone has very hectic schedules due to the demands of their careers, family life and social life, it has become difficult to find any spare time. Although there are priorities that need to be fulfilled and responsibilities that have to be taken care of, it’s still important to have a day for yourself. Being too engrossed in your career or other matters can also have negative effects on your life. It can affect your personal well being which could eventually lead to stress and feeling unhappy. In this post we will be discussing about reviving classic date nights with dinner and a theater Show.

Keeping the Romance Alive

dinner theater

What’s better than dinner and a theater show? We’ll tell you what, nothing!

No matter how long you have been with your partner, it’s still vital to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Whether you’re in the early stages of being a couple or you have been married for a number of years, date night should still remain part of your routine. It is one of the best ways to make your love for each other grow fonder. You will be able to get to know each other on a deeper level by sharing a significant amount of time in a romantic setting.

Finding New Love

If you have yet to find a love of your life, a great first or second date could be a dinner and a musical or a nice dramatic play.  And we may be a little out of the mainstream but we’d also recommend a pre-requisite to your date to but a free tarot card reading for love, it’s not for everybody but it’s doesn’t hurt to be prepared for what the universe is telling you!

For the Dedicated Couples

Classic date nights are still one of the sweetest gestures you can do as a couple. Although there are many other date night activity options to choose from, nothing beats the classic way of doing it. By taking your partner in a romantic dinner date, you will be able to show her how much you appreciate having her in your life. Your partner will feel so special after being taken out for a date in a nice restaurant. It shows that you have taken the time out of your day to be with her and celebrate your love for each other.

Watching a theater show is one of the most memorable experiences you can share with your partner. There are plenty of shows to choose from so there will always be something you’ll be interested to watch. It’s a great way to express your love for the arts and theater industry. The performances are out of this world so your partner will surely be impressed. The performers themselves only provide world class performances and they definitely don’t disappoint.

Create Good Memories

It’s the best form of entertainment you can enjoy with the special person in your life. Nothing is better than cuddling up in your seats while watching an outstanding performance. If your partner is an avid fan of live performances, taking her to watch a theater show will surely be much appreciated. Classic date nights which involve having a nice meal together and then watching a theater show still remains to be the best option for couples.

Learning Piano for Theater? Here Are Some Tips You Should Know…

The traditional way would be to get an instructor, do lessons and learn to read music. Theory and terminology would be taught and years later an individual should be able to open a piece of music and just play. For classical music, usually learning notation is the answer. But how to play piano songs without all this is possible.

Years of lessons are not necessary if a person only wants to enjoy the beauty of music. Professionals use what they call lead sheets. However, for beginners we can start with some fundamentals.  Using these basic tips you can save yourself the cost for learning piano, which according to CostMentor, can be quite expensive (at least until you are ready for more advanced lessons).

Basics of the Musical Alphabet

Learning piano is simpler than you think. Save some money on lessons with these tips...

Learning piano is simpler than you think. Save some money on lessons with these tips…

The musical alphabet only ranges from A to G. The keyboard is based on octaves because there are only seven notes in a major scale. The eighth note is the same as the first note in the scale only higher or lower in tone.

The keyboard’s keys are set up in a pattern. A white key separates each black key. But the pattern is that there are two black keys, two white keys and three black keys and two more white. Then the pattern continues all along the keyboard.

All piano players like the key of C, because it only uses the white keys. The note C is just to the left of the two black sisters. To find middle C you can either count them or look just to the left of the decal that has the name of the instrument.

Piano Chord Basics

To form a C chord, place the little finger on the left hand on any C. Then let the rest of the fingers including the thumb, rest one digit each on the four keys to the right. Now all five fingers, beginning with the thumb are resting on the notes G, F, E, D, and C. If the thumb is number one, the middle finger is three and the little finger is number five, press down the keys under fingers one, three and five. These three notes make up a C Major chord.

By moving all three fingers to the right one note each, a D minor is formed. A D minor chord consists of the notes D, F, and A. If the whole Chord is moved again to the right the chord will be an E minor. This hand position can be moved up and down the keyboard to make seven different chords.

Tones and Scales

Since there are seven tones in a scale there are seven different chords in each major key. When the major scale is numbered, only the first, fourth and fifth tones in the scale will produce major chords. All others are minor chords with one exception, the seventh tone, which will be a diminished.

A major chord is usually just written by its name. C would designate a C Major chord. Minor chords are abbreviated by the lower case m and diminished chords use the abbreviation of dim. Once an individual masters the chords, all that is left is to pick out the melody with the right hand and find chords that create what a person hears. Practice and its done. How to play piano songs still requires practice but years of lessons are not necessary.

The Kansas City Theater District

Kansas City, the sixth largest city in the Midwest and the largest city in the State of Missouri, US, is known as theatre district due to wide range of art and cultural activities available in it. Brief information about the activities that make Kansas City theater district is provided here under for your consideration.

Interdisciplinary Arts Centers in Kansas City

  • Bonner Springs Arts Alliance: It provides the opportunities and literary education of creative art and performing art for all ages.
  • Alcott Arts Centre: It provides workshops and classes along with presents plays and exhibitions as a regional associate for the local community.
  • Lawrence Arts Centre: It offers performances, modern exhibitions and arts education for the region and the community.
  • Kansas City Crossroads: The galleries, storefronts and restaurants along with professional architectural firms, advertising agencies and design studios present here collectively make Kansas City one of the most concentrated gallery districts of the nation.

Performing Arts Activities


  • Union Station: The permanent KC Rail Experience at this venue will provide you a unique experience with rail travelling exhibits produced by the Smithsonian along with other organizations of national level. Other activities in this venue include Science City containing a planetarium and an interactive science centre and an exciting Theatre District showing live theatre and movies on giant screen.
  • Kansas City Ballet: Various types of plays, ballets and operas are regularly performed throughout the year along with community dance training and education programs for student and adults are provided at this venue.
  • Coterie Theatre: Six complete productions including three for younger viewers and families and three for adults and old students are provided here during the mainstage season.

    The Uptown Theater in Kansas city specializes in concerts and private events.

    The Uptown Theater in Kansas city specializes in concerts and private events.

  • Kansas City Chamber Orchestra: They perform in the churches in this area along with Folly Theatre and Yardley Hall for local communities. Their program is also broadcasted on the Performance Day of the National Public Radio.
  • Kansas City Jazz Orchestra: The vocalists and instrumentalists of this orchestra present a series of concerts for the guests to show many faces of their musical art.
  • Kansas City Repertory Theatre: A number of education programs are provided for the professional theatre artists residing at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. They also offer jobs and volunteering opportunities, conversation series and backstage tours for the students.
  • Unicorn Theatre: It helps in developing and producing new proactive and professional plays. It also helps in upgrading the budding and established performers including directors, actors, designer, writers, administrative staffs and technicians.
  • Uptown Theater: Specializing in concerts and private/corporate events, this beautiful theater is a joy to attend.  See picture to the right at its magnificent interior.


Visual Art Activities

  • Kansas City Artists Coalition: It is an artist run space which helps contemporary artists in presenting various types of exhibitions.
  • The Charlotte Street Foundation: It provides recognition and support to the best artist in performing and visual arts in Kansas City.


  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: It is one of the best museums in this country as it helps visitors to explore its civilization through the eyes of sculptors, craftsmen and painters along with several other artists.
  • The Kansas City Museum: This museum situated at Corinthian Hall allows you to know about complete history of Kansas City along with nearby regions.

Thus all these and several other cultural and art activities collectively make it Kansas City theater district.