Learning Piano for Theater? Here Are Some Tips You Should Know…

The traditional way would be to get an instructor, do lessons and learn to read music. Theory and terminology would be taught and years later an individual should be able to open a piece of music and just play. For classical music, usually learning notation is the answer. But how to play piano songs without all this is possible.

Years of lessons are not necessary if a person only wants to enjoy the beauty of music. Professionals use what they call lead sheets. However, for beginners we can start with some fundamentals.  Using these basic tips you can save yourself the cost for learning piano (at least until you are ready for more advanced lessons).

Basics of the Musical Alphabet

Learning piano is simpler than you think.  Save some money on lessons with these tips...

Learning piano is simpler than you think. Save some money on lessons with these tips…

The musical alphabet only ranges from A to G. The keyboard is based on octaves because there are only seven notes in a major scale. The eighth note is the same as the first note in the scale only higher or lower in tone.

The keyboard’s keys are set up in a pattern. A white key separates each black key. But the pattern is that there are two black keys, two white keys and three black keys and two more white. Then the pattern continues all along the keyboard.

All piano players like the key of C, because it only uses the white keys. The note C is just to the left of the two black sisters. To find middle C you can either count them or look just to the left of the decal that has the name of the instrument.

Piano Chord Basics

To form a C chord, place the little finger on the left hand on any C. Then let the rest of the fingers including the thumb, rest one digit each on the four keys to the right. Now all five fingers, beginning with the thumb are resting on the notes G, F, E, D, and C. If the thumb is number one, the middle finger is three and the little finger is number five, press down the keys under fingers one, three and five. These three notes make up a C Major chord.

By moving all three fingers to the right one note each, a D minor is formed. A D minor chord consists of the notes D, F, and A. If the whole Chord is moved again to the right the chord will be an E minor. This hand position can be moved up and down the keyboard to make seven different chords.

Tones and Scales

Since there are seven tones in a scale there are seven different chords in each major key. When the major scale is numbered, only the first, fourth and fifth tones in the scale will produce major chords. All others are minor chords with one exception, the seventh tone, which will be a diminished.

A major chord is usually just written by its name. C would designate a C Major chord. Minor chords are abbreviated by the lower case m and diminished chords use the abbreviation of dim. Once an individual masters the chords, all that is left is to pick out the melody with the right hand and find chords that create what a person hears. Practice and its done. How to play piano songs still requires practice but years of lessons are not necessary.

How to Score Wicked Tickets in NYC – The Comprehensive Guide

Being based in Kansas City, FollyTheater.com doesn’t always get access to the elitist Broadway musicals that New York City is so blessed to have access to.  It’s almost an embarrassment of riches that they can have so many wonderful plays and musicals in such a small area as its Theater District.  However that doesn’t mean that we can put together a great guide for those that are visiting or plan to visit NYC in the near future.

Today we are going to talk about one of the hottest shows on Broadway (as well as touring nationally), and that is Wicked the Musical.  For theater buffs I’m sure you are no stranger to this show, as its been around for over 10 years now, becoming one of Broadways longest running plays.  It’s also one of the toughest to get tickets too (at least affordable tickets).  Here is a quick 3-step guide to scoring affordable tickets that anyone can follow.

3-Steps to Affordable Wicked Tickets in NYC

  • Step 1 – Tuesday through Thursday Shows

We know, everyone wants to see a show on Saturday night.  We don’t blame you!  Dinner and a show on a nice autumn Saturday evening sounds like a perfect fit for us too!  However, since its what everyone wants, it drives the costs of tickets through the roof.

However, if you are visiting NYC on vacation, its likely you don’t have to worry about a work night or school the next morning, so why not settle for a show that will be both less expensive and more likely to land good seats!  This leads us to our next point, seat selection…

  • Step 2 – Crafty Seat Selection

Everyone wants good seats, it’s no use putting down money on a Broadway show and then having an obstructed view, is it?  But of course, since everyone wants them, they go at a premium.  Here’s a handy trick to get the best view for the least amount of money:

Try to get seats in the front row of the Mezzanine.  These have a great view, but some at significantly less money then the front rows of the lower levels.  In general Rows B-Q are the best seats, but if those are too pricy or not available, go for the front row of the Mezzanine.

  • Step 3 – Student Discounts or the Ticket Lottery

This one is a double step because either one might not work for everyone.  Firstly, they do have student discounts available.  Check Wicked’s official website for that information, as the available changes regularly and we don’t necessarily have up-to-date information.

The second option is for the true fans that don’t mind putting in a little bit of extra work to grab some good seats at a cheap price.  They have daily or weekly lotteries for extra tickets that are sold at a significant discount.  This means you can potentially score tickets for something like 30 bucks!

Special Thanks to WickedTickets.NYC

We want to give a special thanks to Wicked Tickets NYC, who provided us with these handy tips and also assisted us with various questions when we were preparing the article.  They are the premier source of after market tickets for Wicked.  Located right in the heart of the Theater District:
Wicked Tickets NYC

252 W 51st St

New York, NY 10019

(844) 539-7596

Moving and Transporting a Theater Troupe The Smart Way

While there are many shows that remain in one theater for many years, such as Broadway shows in NYC, the Westend in London, and plenty of others.  However most people get access to these great shows by way of a traveling tour.  One very popular example of a national touring musical is Wicked, which has even made its way to Kansas City in the past.

In order to get this accomplished however, it takes a lot of equipment, effort and manual labor.  In order to get this accomplished, you may want to mull over one of the many great theater troupe trailers that are available. These trailers are loved by many for their great potential to haul items both big and small and to last for a very long time. With one of these trailers, you have an abundance options to choose from, and you will have your every hauling need taken care of.

moving trailer

Moving trailers like this help a theater troupe moving around the country during a national tour.

The different sizes and styles that are available for theater troupe trailers give customers many choices, which is a favored business trait among many people. You can decide which one is best for you by determining the size of theater troupe you plan to transport. You will also be very happy to know that resources used to make the trailer are from some of the strongest steel and studs that there is. This makes a very durable trailer that will hold up through years of use and general wear and tear. You will be able to use your trailer as little or as often as you need to move items to and from places with the most safety and care.

There are a handful of further options that you can also choose for theater troupe trailers during your purchase. In a recent tour through Northern California, one local theater group was able to utilize a noted San Ramon moving company to take care of these issues.  These small but noteworthy extras include a double axle and a ramp that can be used for heavy items. If you wish to purchase some helpful items that can be used when you are moving, you can do this for just a slight additional fee, also.

The price of these trailers ultimately depends on the extent of your purchase. You can plan to pay anywhere between $1,000 and $4,500 when you buy your trailer. Each one is priced reasonably, and you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth. Usually, the trailers will be inspected within six months after they are purchased and they are also backed by a warranty.

Transporting a theater troupe across the country and supplies can be a pain if you do not have the needed resources. But with the help of quality theater troup trailers, you will be moving both large and small items all over the place with no sweat at all. And better yet, these trailers can easily be used by anyone regardless of how much experience you have with moving. You will be happy with the strong quality of each trailer. In little or no time, you will be on the road to hauling things all over the place for yourself, your family, your friends, or your business.

The Kansas City Theater District

Kansas City, the sixth largest city in the Midwest and the largest city in the State of Missouri, US, is known as theatre district due to wide range of art and cultural activities available in it. Brief information about the activities that make Kansas City theater district is provided here under for your consideration.

Interdisciplinary Arts Centers in Kansas City

  • Bonner Springs Arts Alliance: It provides the opportunities and literary education of creative art and performing art for all ages.
  • Alcott Arts Centre: It provides workshops and classes along with presents plays and exhibitions as a regional associate for the local community.
  • Lawrence Arts Centre: It offers performances, modern exhibitions and arts education for the region and the community.
  • Kansas City Crossroads: The galleries, storefronts and restaurants along with professional architectural firms, advertising agencies and design studios present here collectively make Kansas City one of the most concentrated gallery districts of the nation.

Performing Arts Activities


  • Union Station: The permanent KC Rail Experience at this venue will provide you a unique experience with rail travelling exhibits produced by the Smithsonian along with other organizations of national level. Other activities in this venue include Science City containing a planetarium and an interactive science centre and an exciting Theatre District showing live theatre and movies on giant screen.
  • Kansas City Ballet: Various types of plays, ballets and operas are regularly performed throughout the year along with community dance training and education programs for student and adults are provided at this venue.
  • Coterie Theatre: Six complete productions including three for younger viewers and families and three for adults and old students are provided here during the mainstage season.

    The Uptown Theater in Kansas city specializes in concerts and private events.

    The Uptown Theater in Kansas city specializes in concerts and private events.

  • Kansas City Chamber Orchestra: They perform in the churches in this area along with Folly Theatre and Yardley Hall for local communities. Their program is also broadcasted on the Performance Day of the National Public Radio.
  • Kansas City Jazz Orchestra: The vocalists and instrumentalists of this orchestra present a series of concerts for the guests to show many faces of their musical art.
  • Kansas City Repertory Theatre: A number of education programs are provided for the professional theatre artists residing at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. They also offer jobs and volunteering opportunities, conversation series and backstage tours for the students.
  • Unicorn Theatre: It helps in developing and producing new proactive and professional plays. It also helps in upgrading the budding and established performers including directors, actors, designer, writers, administrative staffs and technicians.
  • Uptown Theater: Specializing in concerts and private/corporate events, this beautiful theater is a joy to attend.  See picture to the right at its magnificent interior.


Visual Art Activities

  • Kansas City Artists Coalition: It is an artist run space which helps contemporary artists in presenting various types of exhibitions.
  • The Charlotte Street Foundation: It provides recognition and support to the best artist in performing and visual arts in Kansas City.


  • The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: It is one of the best museums in this country as it helps visitors to explore its civilization through the eyes of sculptors, craftsmen and painters along with several other artists.
  • The Kansas City Museum: This museum situated at Corinthian Hall allows you to know about complete history of Kansas City along with nearby regions.

Thus all these and several other cultural and art activities collectively make it Kansas City theater district.